Where can I get guidance and information about buying kids guitar?

First read our buyers guide and browse through our blog.
If you have specific questions you can call email us or call at 909-276-4877.

Is there a shipping or tax charges?

Shipping is free for all guitar purchases within the 48 US mainland states, and there is no tax. For accessories only orders there is a shipping charge. (click here for more details, and for shipping charges to other locations).

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Since guitars ship in big boxes in most cases expedited shipping is not very economical. If you absolutely need to expedite please email or call us with your zip or postal code and the guitar you are interested in and we will give you a quote.

What is your return policy?

The best in the industry! If you are not happy with your guitar for any reason we will pay for the return shipping and issue you a full refund within 60 days of purchase, so your purchase with us is virtually risk free. (Free return shipping applies within 48 US states only and does not apply to accessories when purchased separately without a guitar.) You can return an item here.

Do you ever have sales or promotions?

We do sometimes put some items on sale, and you can find those here. But we do not usually have sale events per se.

What are B stock guitars?

These are usually returned guitars that were inspected by us, or guitars that came with some minor cosmetic blemishes.

Why don't you offer more packages?

Though we recognize the convenience and attractiveness of guitar packages, in many cases the additional components quality that come in such packages is not that great and you may find that in the end you would need to upgrade. 

Do the guitars come strung with strings?

Yes, all guitars come strung with strings.

Do all guitars have truss rod?

For steel string and electric guitars you should assume that they all come with truss rod unless indicated otherwise. Nylon strings guitars do not typically come with truss rod so you should assume they do not have one unless indicated otherwise.

Will the guitar stay in tune? Or, 'why my guitar doesn't stay in tune'?

See our blog post on this issue.

Who makes these guitars?

Some of the guitars are made by us and some are made under different brand names.

Why don't you advertise the brand names of the guitars?

For a combination of reasons:

1. Many of these guitars are made by the same factories but distributed under different brand names, so brand names mean very little for these products.

2. We are a small business that tries to provide a service that is not available anywhere else. For this we conduct extensive research and provide a great deal of information about the products we sell that is not available anywhere else. We do not want this effort to be used by our competition.

3. Many of the products we sell are under distribution policy that does not allow online sales. We want to make these products available to those who do not have access to these products at their local stores.

How come almost all your reviews are positive?

We check all of the products we sell for quality and try to provide accurate descriptions of them. We also have an unrivaled customer satisfaction policy. if a customer is unhappy we will make all we can to make them happy. If a product we sell receives consistent bad reviews we simply take it off.