SSM 3/4 size electric guitar

Great guitar!

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Very nice quality 'strat' style 3/4 size guitar with all the standard features of a strat, including a tremolo bridge and a 5 way switch. Very nice workmanship and finish. Comes with limited lifetime warranty.

Good for ages 8-10.

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Size: 0.71 Avg. Weight: 6.6 lbs Quality: Very good
Body: solid alder   Neck: hard maple   Fretboard: rosewood   Tuners: diecast   Bridge: standard tremolo   Pickups: 3 single coil   Controls: 1 volume, 2 tone   Switch: 5 way   Finish: gloss   Construction: bolt on neck   Warranty: limited lifetime  
Overall length: 35 1/4"  Scale length: 22 3/4"  Nut width: 1 10/16"  Body length: 14 1/2"  Max body width: 11 5/8"  Min body width: 8"  Body thickness: 1 1/2"  Number of frets: 20 

Customer reviews of: SSM 3/4 size electric guitar

I love this particular guitar. I have bought a second one as a gift for my girlfriend. I particularly like the fact it is a short scale neck but full width. I travel a lot and my first purchase of this guitar has been about 20,000 miles so far. It fits in a 36" duffle bag. I ended up putting new tuners and a bone nut for upgrades but it is beautiful just like it comes out of the box. Thank you!!

For all my purposes (travel & tinkering) I'd say it's a good instrument out of the box; although it's amazing value for money, you don't get a whole lot more than what you pay for. But with simple (no-cost) effort, basic practical skills (no guitar technicians needed) it really shines--it has a ton of potential! Tremolo springs had to be adjusted, strings refitted and some screws tightened, in particuar for the neck joint. (Personally I discarded the neck lower string guide (for E and B) replacing it with the upper one (for D and G), giving less acute angles on all strings). Now it holds pitch perfectly, has superb sustain. Intonation and neck height was good to begin with. It plays easily and the tone is warm and beautifully Strat-like. This is no cheap beginners guitar. I don't understand why people would pay hundreds and thousands more. Also: what a great looking guitar! the natural finish of the body is worthy a place on the wall! :)

I received it today. Looks great! I went thru it - set up and intonation and it actually play very well. My son is very proud of "his" guitar

I am really pleased with my 3/4" sized natural strat. It is beautiful, well made and a joy to play. I bought a 36" rolling duffel and it fits perfectly. I can take it anywhere I travel for my job. I am very impressed with the quality.

I just recieved my SSM 3/4 size electric guitar today, and here is what i have to say. I was happy that I was able to track the location of the guitar whenever i wanted to, it came in the amount of time stated, and was properlly packed. Now the guitar was not perfect so here's some pro's and con's of the guitar. When it came in and i opened it I noticed a few scracth marks here and there. There was also a black smudge on the headstock. The pickups can use improving if you want to use the guitar live. The natural finish does not look exactly the way it looks in the picture. But enough about the negative now it's time for the pro's. The guitar feels great, the neck and the body have a nice satin feel to them. The neck is straight and locked in place, the guitar looks rather beautiful and the hardware on it is superb. The guitar is so comfortable to wear and hardly weighs a thing. The guitar has a custom look to it in my opinion with the pickups, tuning keys, back plate and headstock all bearing the same name. I am very satisfied with my order and i know I will do business with again

Just got the guitar and while my 8-year-old daughter hasn't played it very much yet, her teach who is a professional, picked out this particular model for her and so far says he is very pleased with it and it tuned up great. Thank you very much! There aren't a lot of places specializing in good guitars for young people.

The guitar is exactly as shown on your website. My son loves his new guitar. For the price the quality is really good. I have lots of guitars and do most of my own tech work. This unit will be really easy to work on. The only thing I noticed upon receiving the guitar was two machine heads were loose. Quick fix, no problem.