GMB mini 1/2 size bass guitar

Nice finish & quality, 25'' scale

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Very nice mini bass guitar, with a nice workmanship and nice metallic red finish. Very good quality and nice playability. Plays well in standard tuning. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Great choice for travel and kids.

Good for ages 5-9 & travel.

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Size: 0.44 Avg. Weight: 6.3 lbs Quality: Very good +
Neck: maple, bolt on   Fretboard: rosewood   Tuners: die cast   Pickups: split P   Controls: 1 volume, 1 tone   Headstock: angled   Trussrod: yes   Made in: Indonesia  
Overall length: 33 1/2"  Scale length: 25"  Nut width: 1 10/16"  Body length: 13 1/4"  Max body width: 10 1/2"  Min body width: 7 1/4"  Body thickness: 1 10/16"  Neck joins body at: 15th fret  Number of frets: 21 

Customer reviews of: GMB mini 1/2 size bass guitar

I was looking for a compact bass and this bass is perfect. It's rock solid. Nice to play and stays in tune - period. Great finish. I love the headstock. It is like the Ibanez soundgear headstock. It was a wise investment. If your looking for a quality instrument but in a 1/2 size body this is it. I have to say the shorter scale makes playing bass really easy.

The GMB mini 1/2 size bass guitar is a real bass guitar. It's not a toy by any means. Couldn't believe the sound i was getting out of it. Sounds just like a full size bass to my ears. The bass is made from quality parts and the playability is great. Would also make a handy travel bass. Looks great too!!

SmallGuitars was a great experience. I was shopping for my boys sixth birthday. The first selection I made was tested by SmallGuitar staff before shipping and found to have minor defects. I was contacted immediately and presented with my options. I was very impressed with their attention to customer satisfaction. Once my order was shipped I received it very fast. I inspected the guitar upon arrival and it was great. My boy loves his GMB mini 1/2 size bass guitar. Overall 10/10 for

I just received my new 1/2 size mini bass guitar. I want to say, I love it! It's a BEAUTIFUL instrument, arguably the best short-scaled bass out there. Perfect for a ukulele player like myself! Not only the quality, but the service and value was absolutely top standard. Thanks for selling me this magnificent instrument. I'll be recommending it to all my friends and others who play the ukulele and other short scaled instruments!

i purchased this bass guitar for my grandson who just turned four years old. i arranged to give him weekly half hour lessons. the bass teacher is a pro, and marvelled at the sound of the bass, the feel and the look. it really sounds like a full sized bass, and the tone is fantastic. it is connected to a normal sized bass amp, and when i play my full sized "adult" bass, it sounds just as good.
i am thoroughly satisfied with the quality and price and highly recommend small guitar company.
rock on!

I ordered the GMB mini 1/2 size bass guitar on Friday and received the guitar on Wednesday the next week. It was adequately packed and came with a small patch cord and instructions on adjusting the neck. I was very surprised at the fit and finish of the bass and how well it tuned up. I haven't plugged it in yet, but it's obvious someone set the intonation and action before sending it. I've been playing for over 30 years and have spent a lot on equipment over the years, but I don't believe I've ever gotten as nice an instrument for so little money. My son is getting this bass for his 5th birthday. I'm not worried if he doesn't like to play - I'll be happy to add this one to my collection.

Was practicing with the GMB mini 1/2 size bass guitar through my amp, when 2 of the Godskin brothers, (famous Christian group) walked in. They were wowed by the sound of the GMB which they thought was a regular sized bass. It sounded more like the real bass and could not believe what they were hearing. It's for real, the mini GMB stands out for itself among the big bass guitars. Am so glad to have this mini bass I could take anywhere with my portable amp hooked through my headphones playing the house..the car... You can't maneuver a regular bass inside your car easily as does the 34" size GMB. Great to have it!!! Thanks guyz ....

I bought the mini bass from you and I love it, and I'm an adult using it as a real instrument.

thanks your small bass is amazing, the sound is great and the look is so nice!

The bass is a very nice little instrument. I has good playability and balance. There is an earthing buzz that I have to fix, but as I have been playing for 30 years, this is nothing new even in much more expensive instruments. As a child's or travelling bass it is perfect, and both the finish and set up is very good. The microphone has a nice precision punch, and it slaps easily. A very good thing for the price, and the service was fast and impeccable.

Great Bass! Extremely well made ! Much more comfortable to play all night ! Holds its own in any setting ! I have been playing 20 years and have found the one ! Thanks !

I received the bass today.I'm very impressed. It was put together with very high quality parts and wood. The neck looks and feels superb, and the frets on this were Perfectly dressed.Really good quality for the price, and it's a whole lot of fun to play. I'm seriously contemplating buying a second and getting rid of my other bass.

I recently purchased a GMB mini 1/2 size bass from for my 5-year old son. I'm happy to say that I've been extremely impressed by the quality of the instrument and its playability...great response everywhere on the neck and great tone. In fact, while it's the perfect size instrument for children, my kids are lucky to get it out of my hands. It's been especially fun playing it through the (battery-operated) Roland micro cube bass amp which is capable of modeling many different sounds and which also includes several decent built-in effects such as envelope filters, etc.

I was very pleased with the GMB bass. I own two full size basses. It played great right out of the well packed box. A high-quality instrument for the price, and the smallest bass that sounds like the real deal I have ever seen.

I love the bass and it had to pass my specs before I gave it to my son for his birthday and I loved it ... It plays great and holds tune great... The pick-ups that came with it were very good and they sounded great I just wanted a more custom sound so I put new Seymour Duncan Bassline pick-ups in it and I also made a custome pickguard in order to relocate the jack to the edge of the body... I would buy another one of these in a heart beat they are so cool and THEY ARE REAL NOT A TOY!!! are great sellers and are super nice I will be buying from them again... Keep up they good work and I love the bass and so does my son.... J.D., PA

I do an interactive music for children in which I use a variety of smaller working instruments, guitars and drums for children.  Following an exhaustive search for a smaller size electric bass, I found Small Guitars on e-bay and ordered their Half (½)  size bass, and was truly blown away. While I have three smaller size electric six strings, including a Daisy Rock brand, this bass is in a class itself.  It not only holds tune, and is accurate on pitch throughout the neck, but is made with great pride and attention to detail. It’s cute, perfectly balanced, and on par with it’s big boy counterparts.  Everything is top of the line…and I can’t say enough about it. My personal contact at Small Guitars advised me prior to my purchase, that this instrument was very well made.  That was clearly an understatement.  I can’t say enough about the quaintly and workmanship…and the service and support from Small Guitars is second to none. This is a got to have instrument, so don’t be shy.  Can’t say enough good things about it!

I bought a 1/2 scale mini bass for my son's 8th birthday and he is really loving it! I've been playing guitar for over 30 years now and this is truly a professional instrument, from the frets to the neck to the electronics and even the paint finish. Everything is top notch! I dare say, it's better than it has to be. I also have to recommend getting the gig bag too. I was a little reluctant to order it, but was pleasantly surprised to see how well the bass fits in it and the quality zippers, and the durable material it is made out of. I am very pleased to have purchased this 1/2 scale GMB mini bass from Small Guitars. I do believe my son will always have this bass and probably use it for the rest of his life. I think it should be marketed towards adults as well as children. It's; small, portable, playable, looks good, and sounds great. What's to outgrow?

The bass I purchased for my 3 year old son is awsome. He doesn't like when I play it because it's his and again, he's 3. I was blown away at the quality of this bass. It sounds great, it's solid, and very fun to play. I purchased an Alembic for myself, but find myself playing his when he is not around. Please don't tell on me. Thanks again for providing my son such a wonderful Christmas gift. He is looking forward to getting an electric guitar next. (T.A., CT)

My daughter is smaller for her age (9) and recently expressed interest in playing the bass in her school band. Her band teacher discouraged her at first, thinking that a full size bass would be too large. The big retailers told us that a 1/2 size instrument would be more like a novelty and would be a bad choice. They recommended the smallest bass they had (Squier Bronco) which was still too big. I ordered the GMB 1/2 size bass and couldn't be more satisfied. My daughter is now the bass player in the 4th Grade band in her school, and having a blast. Her band teacher thinks the instrument sounds great (and looks cute too), her guitar teacher loves it (and is thinking of buying one too), and I love it (I play a little myself). It's the perfect size for her, it's light, and it sounds nice and punchy. This thing is great, and if anyone tells you otherwise at one of the big retailers, don't believe it. (C.B, New York)

We purchased this 1/2 size bass for our 6 year old son, which is perfect in size and weight. This bass produces sound beyond my expectations. For reference, I play a Yamaha BB 2000 and know how a bass should respond and sound. I played some Marcus Miller tunes on this base and it sounded funky and tight. Our son is also extremely pleased to have an instrument he can handle and play well. I highly recommend it! We were also pleased with the pre- and after-sale support, service and delivery. NB - Virginia

We love this little bass. Bought it for my 4 year old's birthday. He already has 3 guitars and I expected this bass to be in the same class. I really didn't expect much, after all, he's 4. But, this bass is not a toy. I am a fairly accomplished player myself and couldn't take my hands off it! Sturdy construction with nice features you wouldn't expect to find on a kids guitar. The nut and bridge are correctly intonated and the neck is true. Real machine heads and electronics just like the brand names. I took this to a gig one night as a joke and actually played it on a couple of songs. Sure, it's a very short scale and doesn't have the ass of a P bass or Rick, but for the beginner, it's just the instrument to instill confidence and make learning fun!

I bought this bass guitar for my daughter who has small hands. I must admit that the ½ size was smaller than I expected but it is a real fine instrument. I would say it would be a perfect training instrument for students and also a travel guitar. The workmanship, fit and finish are top drawer. The size is so interesting that I may upon occasion play the instrument for performances. A crowd pleaser for sure.

I bought the Bass for my 18 months old son, who could not keep his hands off my regular sized Basses. He loves it and so do I...the feel and sound of it is amazing for it's size. I look forward to him growing up with this bass and hopefully passing it on to his son or daughter one day!

This bass was for my son and he loves to play it, and show other people that he can play it. He is six years old and the bass I got from you makes it easier for him to play. I also think the price was very reasonable, and the sound is a lot better than I though you could get from a small bass.

I bought this bass for my 5 year old. It seems an amazingly good instrument for the money and for it's size. My son was able to begin enjoying his start as a musician immediately. Its a perfect starter bass for small hands - and affordable as well.

I bought that bass for my nephew Christmas gift but before that I tested it in different ways. Although it is a mini bass the sound is terrific, the bridge, the tuning machines,the nut, the pickups and other components are excellent. In other words for that price, your going to have a better bass than another normal size for the same price. You can tune the bass in any way you want it, you are not going to have any trouble playing in E tuning. The bass is very stable, has good intonation and if you like to slap this mini bass respond extraordinary. Finally, I have been playing bass for about 20 years and for that price I've never played a bass that sound better.