JFC 3/4 size steel string acoustic guitar

nice quality, excellent value

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Very nice quality 3/4 size acoutic guitar, very playable with a nice feel and bright and clear sound and very nice finish. Really very nice guitar and excellent value.

Good for ages 10-12 & travel.

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Size: 0.73 Quality: Good
Guitar kind: steel string acoustic   Top: basswood   Back & sides: basswood   Fretboard: Ebony   Tuners: diecast   Bridge: Rosewood   Trussrod: yes  
Overall length: 35 7/8"  Scale length: 22 3/4"  Nut width: 1 11/16"  Body length: 17"  Max body width: 13 1/2"  Min body width: 8 1/2"  Body thickness: 3 3/8" 

Customer reviews of: JFC 3/4 size steel string acoustic guitar

We ordered a JFC 3/4 size steel string guitar for our daughter's 9th Birthday. We were a little skeptical at first, ordering something so important without seeing or playing it first. We just couldn't find what we were looking for locally. Originally we wanted a pink one-no doubt. The day after we placed the order we got an email saying the pink ones were on back order, did I want another color? We decided on red and were so pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was! She absolutely LOVES it! Her music teacher was also pleasantly surprised at the quality of her guitar. He agreed that this was a great value for the cost! Thank you so much for selling an affordable, high quality product! :)

I was very impressed by the speed with which our guitar was delivered. Three days after ordering, the guitar was in our home (surprisingly in time for our son's birthday!) with no extra delivery cost. I was also pleased to find that the listed price on the website included tax. The guitar was exactly as described on the site, and my son's teacher said it was the right size for him. She also commented on the "nice tone" of the instrument. We are very pleased with our guitar and would certainly order from you again!

I recently purchased a JFC 3/4 size steel string acoustic guitar from your store. I am a 17 year old girl who is rather small and needed a smaller guitar. I am taking guitar class for the first time my senior year. So far the guitar has been great. The size is perfect for me and the color pink is a bonus. I was unsure of which guitar size would be suitable for me so I called the number on your web site and spoke to an employee in the store. He was very helpful in helping me choose a guitar that would be right for me according to my age, height, level of playing and hand size. Being able to choose the color of the guitar made it feel more personal, like it was made for me. I showed the guitar to my teacher and he was impressed with the way it played. I would most definitely recommend your guitars to anyone who asked and would always purchase my guitar supplies from you in the future. Thank You for all your help Sincerely. Satisfied Customer.

This guitar was purchased for my 9 year old boy. We are very satisfied with the quality and performance.  He loves the color (blue) too!!

I am very pleased with our purchase. The guitar was exactly as promised and my daughter loves it! Thanks SmallGuitars.com.

After buying my 12 year old daughter a sub-$100 guitar with the hopes that it would be suitable for her to learn and play on, I immediately demoted that guitar to a "grand-children's toy". I then went online to do some research to find a suitable guitar for her. I have to be honest, without paying a lot of money, it is hard to find a good 3/4 size guitar. When I ran across the JFC 3/4 on SmallGuitars.com I thought I had found just what we needed. And honestly it was. But also with all honesty I was a bit disappointed with some of the finish of the guitar as well. I don't expect a $100 guitar to be "perfect" but some of the things I saw should not have passed any type of quality control inspections, even if only glanced at. The fretboard had dried glue and what looks to be paper of some sort on it, and under that it looks to not have gotten the staining the rest had gotten. Yes, that is a pretty noticeable "oops". Also the guitar top has paint/stain drips on it, or maybe the lacquer. That also should have prevented it from leaving the shop. Again, I don't expect perfection, but these two things are pretty noticeable even at a glance. These are cosmetic issues, and NOT construction or materials issues. That being said, my daughter loves the guitar. She noticed the glue issue on the neck right away and you could see disapointment in her face, but once she started playing the guitar, that left. The guitar has a good feel and actually better action than my guitar has (I was pleasantly surprised). This makes it VERY easy for her to play and that helps a lot with enjoyment factor; which keeps new guitar players PLAYING. Because of this, I didn't feel it was worth the hassle and turn around time to send it back and get another one. The guitar also stays in tune fairly well, which also helps with playing ability and enjoyment. It only takes me a minute or so to verify it being in tune for her, and very minor adjustments at most. So to me, that is well in the acceptable range. The construction and parts quality are also well within the acceptable range. The strings are an entry level steel string, but you can expect that with this level of guitar. They play well though. Just upgrade them to better strings when you do your first string change. The tone of the guitar is brighter than a full size; as ALL 3/4 guitars are. So if you are expecting it will sound like a full size guitar you will be disappointed; but NOT because of the guitar, instead because your expectations are not realistic. Even Baby Taylors fall short of the deep resonence and booming sound of a full size guitar. They are NOT full size guitars, but they are what they are. And that being said, this guitar is a fine sounding guitar. My daughter and I have even done some simple duets with our guitars and it sounds wonderful. The guitar fits her very well and it increases her enjoyment factor greatly. She can't wait until it gets warm enough for us to go down to the lake and play together. So, buy it or not? BUY IT. It isn't my Fender, but it also is not the size of my guitar nor in the same ballpark concerning price. It is a great little beginner guitar for teens/small adults, or even a travel guitar. I find myself picking it up and playing it as well.. just for fun.