MB2 mini bass guitar for kids and travel daphne blue

31.5" overall length, narrow strigs spacing, lightweight.

MB2 mini bass guitar for kids and travel daphne blue - small mini bass guitar for kids -
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Very nice quality 24 3/4" scale mini bass guitar for kids and travel. Lightweight (only 4.75 lbs!) with a thin body, and nicely balanced with only 31.5" overall length! Neck has a narrow profile and a smooth satin finish for easy play. Strings spacing at the bridge is only 2" (instead of the usual 2 1/4"). Smaller and more compact (1:18 ratio) tuners for a lighter and more balanced weight  - the best designed bass guitar for small kids out there!  Plays well in standard tuning.

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Good for ages 5-9.

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Size: 0.34 Avg. Weight: 4.75 lbs Quality: Very good
Body: solid wood   Neck finish: satin   Tuners: Die Cast 1:18 ratio   Pickups: P-bass   Controls: 1 volume, 1 tone   Construction: bolt on neck   Trussrod: yes  
Overall length: 31.5""  Scale length: 24 3/4""  Nut width: 1.5""  Body length: 12""  Max body width: 9 3/8""  Min body width: 7""  Upper bout: 8.5"  Body thickness: 1 5/8""  Width at 12th fret: 2""  Number of frets: 20  strings spacing at the bridge: 2" 

Customer reviews of: MB2 mini bass guitar for kids and travel daphne blue

I am the director of a music school with 750 kids coming through our doors a week. We LOVE these basses for little hands and fingers! It’s make all the difference to have the right sized instruments for young musicians – learning techniques is challenging enough without a 75 lb child being weighed down by a full scale 25 pound bass. Kids can reach the length of the neck, it plays easy, and it is a very well made instrument. Stays in tune, sounds great, and affordable. 5 enthusiastic stars!

I am a veteran bassist with over 30 years of playing under my belt. I was in the market for an extra-short scale bass that I could convert into a piccolo bass guitar, (an octave higher than a standard bass), in EADG tuning. I came across this website, checked the reviews, took a chance, and purchased an MB2; it was a great move. I would put this mini-bass guitar in the category of, "a lot of bang for the buck," it's easily worth every dollar. I was anticipating the need to upgrade the tuner machine heads, pickups and bridge, there is absolutely no need for that. This mini-bass has rock solid hardware, with a beautiful sunburst finish. This is truly not a toy, it's worthy of being used for any gigs, or recording sessions; it is not just for kids. As I had planned, I set it up as a piccolo bass and the intonation is perfect. I just had to lower the action slightly, and it was ready to play. It has a beautiful tone, and it's so much fun to play that it is hard to put it down. I just purchased two more MB2's the other day that I'm going to pull the frets out of, and turn them into lined fretless. A must have for any bassist!

This bass is awesome! I was concerned that an instrument this small would be built more as a toy rather than a legit instrument. But my concerns were entirely erased from the moment I started playing it. The feel, sound, and all around construction is completely on point. It is funny because now all of my students AND instructors at my school want to play it. Thank You. - John Baker, School of Rock-San Ramon, 415-810-5648.

I got the bass late last week and it's GREAT! It'll be perfect for my kids, and when they outgrow it I'm taking over it. =) Great instrument, and I'll surely recommend your company. Thanks!

Great kids bass. Will not be disappointed. A quality detailed instrument. A+

The Bass Guitar is excellent, my little girls love it. Shipping and packaging was fast and good. I would recommend buying. I believe the price and quality is very good.

Very happy with the bass, as a bass player myself I know that one should not be limited by your instrument and some of the “child” instruments are simply not playable. This however is effectively a miniaturized P bass simple as that – and for the money very good value – my little girl will enjoy it and if she chooses to take it further then all well and good if not that’s good too.

We received this small bass guitar in Australia. I'm so pleased with the guitar, it sounds great, the guitar teacher is astounded at the workmanship. Postage was prompt. Thank you!

This mini bass that I bought is great, its very light weight and looks like a replica of my standard size bass, except shorter, which is just right for my little brother. Workmanship is very good.

Thank you for the bass guitar, I was very impressed. As a bass player looking for a travel bass guitar, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. The MB2 is a fantastic bass guitar, the quality of the bass is far higher than I expected. It plays well and has a great sound. For anyone traveling looking to keep playing this is ideal. Great service and a great product, would recommend to anyone.

The MB2 mini bass is an excellent instrument, with a deep tone and wonderful playability. My 12-year-old son is having a blast playing it. But, I should mention that this instrument can be also used by adults who just want a smaller bass. I like playing it as well, and I'd encourage people looking for a smaller-scale bass to consider this model.

I love this little bass. My 6 yr old has started on it and it is the perfect size for her. Highly recommend it. Very solid construction. This is a worthwhile investment.

This little bass is awesome! Big sound and great looks for such a small instrument. Aside from nice looks and tone, this has made my daughter much more interested in playing and learning music. The bass is lightweight and fits her tiny frame, making the instrument much less intimidating. So happy with this purchase! Thanks, Jose.

We live overseas and I bought this bass for my 7 year old son. Now he is happy because he can play it in standing position. His music teacher found it very well made and with excellent sound.

I bought this bass for my 5 year daughter and she loves it. Its just small enough to fit in her lap when we practice. Her left hand fits comfortably on the neck. Highly recommended for young players.

Although some may label the instrument a “toy” (due to one’s initial impression of its physical size), please know that for me once the music begins and people start moving and/or dancing, the toy concept is long forgotten, as this instrument plays as if it were a full size bass guitar. For me, the versatility of sound is excellent, making this bass (in my opinion) an excellent instrument for all styles of music. Please know that I am a professional bass player in NYC who plays mainly Latin Music (mambo/salsa) and Motown. Furthermore, in addition to my Ampeg Baby Basses, I have also extensively used a Kala SUB Solid Body with Pyramid round wounds, and my opinion is that the MB2 is truly superior in terms of its versatility and significantly easier playability due to the 24.75” scale length of the MB2 versus the 20.5” scale length of the Kala SUB (which requires greater precision overall). Also for reference, note that the overall length of MB2 is 31.5” compared to 27.75” Kala SUB, 28.75” Kala 4-string California and/or 32.75” Kala 5-string California). Regardless, for me the MB2 is far superior than Kala in terms of overall sound, versatility of sound, magnetic pick-ups are superior to piezo pick-ups, and because it also has a truss rod which the Kala USA Solid Body U-Basses do not have. Note, the neck on the Kala SUB w/o truss rod that I own has bowed even though it’s still playable and sounds good despite the high action. Nonetheless, the MB2 is superior and an overall great little bass with a big sound. Also, for those who love animals and/or dogs, this instrument in my option would be equivalent to a mini or toy Australian Shepherd, which in my experience are full size dogs with full size capacities (herding, frisbee catching, tricks, etc.) in a 8-20 pound body, as mini Aussie are not lap dogs but full herding and working dogs with ONLY a smaller physical stature. For me, the MB2 is a great little instrument, and do know that I am super excited for my 2-year old daughter to soon begin playing it, in addition to me using it.

I cannot say enough about the 1/2 sized bass guitar that I purchased from smallguitars.com. Although it is not a high dollar instrument it is a quality one. The frets were filed satisfactorily,the fit and finish are typical of guitars costing much more. The pots are smooth and the action and intonation were dead on right out of the box. It is so much fun to play. I would recommend this bass guitar to anyone with small hands or short fingers. It has allowed me to finally play the instrument that I have always wanted to play. The gig bag that I purchased along with the bass was perfect in size and function.Thank you small guitars for making me a very happy camper.