24" to 25.5" short scale mini bass guitar strings

For scales between 24" and 25.5"


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24" - 25" scale mini bass guitar strings. Gauges 0.092", 0.075", 0.060", 0.045". Would fit scales between 24" and 25.5".

Customer reviews of: 24" to 25.5" short scale mini bass guitar strings

I have been looking for strings to fit my vintage Japanese mini basses for some time now, and stumbled upon these, thanks to a mention on Talkbass. I have a Heit Deluxe mini that's approximately a 23.5" scale & a Sorrento that's approximately 24.5". The minimum length for this set is 24", so the thinner end of the E string would fit into the shaft hole of the Heit Deluxe's tuner, but the thicker wraps would end up on top of each other, so I decided to try it on the Sorrento instead. With a little careful trimming, I was able to get all of the strings mounted in the shaft holes & wrapped around the posts. I had previously widened the A & E slots in the tailpiece, so the windings at the ball ends were able to slide in with no problem. Tuned to pitch, the tension is still a lot less than I'd like, but, until someone comes up with a heavy gauge mini set with small ends, it's the best compromise, and such a set would have to be designed exactly for each potential scale length, so that would be a very specific & expensive proposition. Tone-wise, this set sounds exactly like a good round wound set should...clear & defined, not dull & plunky like the set that was on it previously. These strings aren't especially cheap, but they perform as they should, and I don't know of another such set that would fit electric basses with a scale length this short. I am more than happy to have a fresh set on my vintage beauty.

Thank you for the opportunity to review my latest order. I recently purchased a 25” Bass Guitar for a little girl. It was second hand and the strings were rusty. I was very fortunate to come across SmallGuitars.com where I was able to purchase a set of Bass Strings that fit a 25” scale. Thank you for your promptness