JMB 1/2 size left handed bass guitar

36" overall length, 25'' scale

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A nice quality left handed half size bass guitar, very lightweight. Nice sound and playability. Plays well even in standard tuning. Good choice for kids ages 4-9 and travel.

Good for ages 5-9 & travel.

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Size: 0.47 Avg. Weight: 4.75 lbs Quality: Good
Body: Paulownia   Neck: maple, bolt on   Fretboard: rosewood   Tuners: die cast   Pickups: 1 split   Controls: 1 volume, 1 tone   Finish: gloss   Trussrod: yes   Pickgaurd: 3-ply  
Overall length: 36"  Scale length: 25 1/2"  Nut width: 1 10/16"  Body length: 13 1/8"  Max body width: 9 1/2"  Min body width: 7"  Body thickness: 1 3/4"  Number of frets: 20 

Customer reviews of: JMB 1/2 size left handed bass guitar

I was initially looking at a Kala U Bass, but they are out of my price range. An internet search led me to your site. I purchased this 1/2 size travel bass to play around with, thinking it probably won't sound good enough for serious work. I was wrong. It has the sound of a full size bass, and my band was fascinated by it as well. I may just use it live sometimes. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a smaller scale bass.

This little Red Bass Guitar is Soooo Coooool and Fuuun. I am not really a bass player but it is perfect for practicing bass parts. It sounds great and stays in tune. Thank you!!

I am a grand dad of 5 boys K thru 8 grade and the only musician from both sides of my family. I am a seasoned bassist of 45+ years, I played lead guitar for many years and switched to bass in 1973, toured thru the 70’s, backed up some big named people. I am a musician, singer, published song writer and still play Country, RocknRoll, Classics, Gospel, Jazz, etc. The one that wants to be the Bass Player like Papaw is in the second grade. I originally ordered a ¾ size 4 string bass for him… but you caught that and recommended that I start him on a ½ size bass! Everything arrived in great shape. And when I opened it, I was simply amazed at the great looks, size, weight, QUALITY of workmanship and Great sound of this small bass! Thanking you again so very much!

I'm very happy with this little bass. Easy action adjustment and it stays in tune really well. It’s handy for practicing on the couch, and it even records well for laying down a quick bass track. Great value for the money!

I purchased a 1/2 size bass for my 7 year-old grandson and the size is perfect (very manageable for his small hands). The instrument is very playable and sounds good - I appreciate that it is not a toy. Thank you for the prompt service from when I placed the order by phone and receipt of the instrument was only 3 days.

I have spent several days with local dealers to find a 1/2 scale bass like this one for my little boys. I was so happy when i found your internet site. The bass looks nice and the sounds is great. I bought it for my son's birthay. I'd like to have one myself when I travel. I live in Quebec, Canada and I got it after 9 days only.

I own a vintage Rick 4001 bass which is way big for my 7 yr old son so I decided to search the internet for a mini bass for his Christmas present. I chose your JMB 1/2 size bass and it's just perfect for him, and it sounds great too! We're both very happy. Thanks.

I got the small guitars basses for young kids who wanna start to play bass but have small hands,now its no problem anymore, they are small,light and sound great.the tuning is perfect and everthing works like on a big bass.i use them myself for travelling and its just fun to play them....the basses are ready to play rightaway.i got the 1/2 size JMB bass for my daughter and it really sounds even with that super small size. It got a good tuning and the sound is absolutly ok,and that with this supersmall size! check them out and have fun....saluti luca

A while back I had purchased a mini size bass for my son. I was amazed when I actually received this product because it handled and sounded like my full size bass guitar. Instead of practicing on mine around the house I pick his up and just start playing. I love it. I would recommend this to anyone that is considering buying one. Also, with me being in the navy and being deployed onboard a ship from time to time its perfect. Small enough to store it in the small amount of space we have and a great sound for when I need it.

I purchased this 1/2 size bass guitar for my grandson for christmas.I am well pleased with the instrument and so is he. Great JOB AND THANKS.

Great product!

Really nice small bass, I'm very happy. Prompt shipping.

GREAT BASS!!!! Our 6 year old son will love it! Fast shipping fabulous service!

We bought this bass for our 6 year old son as a Christmas present, and he loves it!!!! It's the perfect size for him, and he doesn't want to put it down! It sounds great and is wonderfully playable for little hands. The service here is fabulous and personable. I highly recommend this bass as well as Light & Small Guitars! Thanks Guys!!

When I originally placed my order, I contacted yourselves to ask how long, in your experience, a delivery to the UK would take, and was told roughly 1 week. However a letter arrived from parcelforce informing me that my delivery had incurred a further delivery charge of £27.91 ($44.83) due to import VAT and 'clearance fees' and my parcel would not be released until payment had been made. Following some research I found out that the VAT charge is normal when importing items of a certain value into the UK from the US, however I feel that it would of been more agreeable if this information where displayed on your site in advance as per the HM customs recommendations or in fact paid in advance by yourselves and incorporated into the original price. The extra fee was paid and I awaited the delivery of my guitar. Four days later my parcel arrived but sadly when I opened the parcel I found that the guitar was not finished to a 'GOOD' standard. There is damage to the veneer on both sides of the neck where the slot had been cut to accommodate the nut, one of the fret slots had been cut far too deep and had nearly cut completely through the fingerboard and the edges of the scratchplate were extremely roughly cut, leaving the edges requiring a good deal of sanding and shaping, so as not to spoil the look of the instrument. Thankful I am a reasonably experienced amateur luthier and none of the defects on this item are beyond my skill level to repair. But it disappoints me that it is even necessary to do so. With all this said, I am pleased to say that the playing experience of the instrument is very agreeable and I am happy with the instruments performance, just not its quality or the experience of the delivery.