B stock MH 3/8 size steel string acoustic guitar

Nice quality mini dreadnought guitar

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A nice 3/8 size mini dreadnought guitar of very decent quality, with nice sound and finish. Features an adjustable truss rod and die cast tuners, which is rare for guitars this size.

Has very monor cosmetic blemishes.

Good for ages 5-6 & travel.

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Size: 0.41 Quality: Good +
Guitar kind: steel string   Fretboard: Rosewood   Tuners: diecast   Trussrod: yes  
Overall length: 32 1/2"  Scale length: 21 3/4"  Nut width: 1 11/16"  Body length: 14 1/4"  Max body width: 11"  Min body width: 7 3/4"  Body thickness: 2 13/16"  Number of frets: 20 

Customer reviews of: B stock MH 3/8 size steel string acoustic guitar

I ordered the MH 3/8 size steel string guitar, and I am honestly astonished by the quality and service. Just on a basic level, the shipping was very quick (4 days from west coast to east) and the information on size and compatible accessories on the website is extreme helpful. The quality of the instrument is surprising. It is difficult to find the smaller fractional sized guitars with steel strings that have a similar sound to a full size guitar, and this guitar comes very close. I am a female adult with embarrassingly small hands, and no matter how hard I practiced, even a 3/4 guitar was too much to handle, even just simple chords. This guitar is absolutely perfect, better than I imagined, especially for the price. I am extremely pleased with the customer service and quality service of smallguitars.com and will undoubtedly recommend them when I have the chance. Thanks for everything, excellent, excellent service!

I would recommend SmallGuitars.com to any parent looking to purchase a first guitar for their child. My husband and I purchased this guitar for our 5 year-old granddaughter. She’s very interested in music and playing music, but we were hesitant to spend $300-400 (as advertised on small-scale popular name brand guitars) when she may not even be interested in this 6 months from now – after all she is only 5. We also didn’t want to drive 120 miles round trip to the nearest “chain” music store to hopefully find something suitable. I’ve been playing guitar for many years and have purchased several acoustic and electric guitars over the internet – I’ve had good and bad experiences. This is one of the good ones. The guitar arrived timely, and was well packed. I knew that the guitar would likely need to be set-up when it arrived and that’s the first thing that was done. Hey, if you know all about guitars then skip this paragraph and go to the next, but if not read on. I urge any parent who is looking to purchase a new guitar for your child (whether they’re age 5 or 15) to please take the time and minor expense to have the guitar you purchase set-up by someone who knows what to do at a music store if you cannot do this yourself. Most acoustic guitars are not set-up when shipped from the manufacturer on purpose. Sometimes they get set-up in music stores when they’re put on display for you to try out and sometimes they aren’t. Set-up is often done at purchase time for the new owner and can mean a big difference between your child being able to tune the guitar, press down the strings and play the instrument or them putting it down after a few days in pain and frustration and never touching it again! First-time acoustic guitar players have some hard work to do - don’t make it harder than it has to be. Set-up on this guitar took less than 30 minutes and I was very pleased with its sound and playability. The tuners work properly and are metal - not plastic and I was able to create a low enough action to help those little fingers press down strings easier without any fret buzz. I am considering purchasing one of these for myself to use as a travel or camp guitar – it has bright highs, and nicely projecting low tones for such a small guitar. You can’t beat the price and – yes – it’s a REAL WOOD guitar.(and did I mention FREE SHIPPING?! grin). Needless to say – our granddaughter was thrilled to have her first REAL guitar. We’re happy to give her the chance to learn to play an instrument that’s not only the right size for her, but sounds good and plays well! The folks at smallguitars.com do a great job in describing their products and they follow up after the sale. Buy with confidence!

The 3/8 size guitar we bought for our grandson was an incredible value. It is attractive, has great tone & action, and stays in tune. Small Guitars took the time to help us make a choice and checked back later to make sure all was well. Five stars and thank you.

I bought this guitar as a gift for my niece. She absolutely loves it. I haven't seen it but my brother tells me the quality is very good. The ordering process was very smooth, easy and quick. i would certainly recommend this product and others to friends and family. Keep up the good work. A good product will always take care of it's maker.

I purchased the MH 3/8 size steel string acoustic guitar and it is a beauty, it sounds like a $400.00 dollar acoustic, this little guitar has a beautiful finish just like a big name high dollar guitar. Communication with these people is great also. Shipping was a lot faster than I thought it would be. I will buy from them again , I'm looking at one of the 1/4 sized electrics, I think would be really sweet.