QC 1/4 size nylon string guitar

Quality 1/4 size guitar, two-way truss rod, narrow nut width, Good for ages 3-7 and travel

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Very nice quality 1/4 size nylon string guitar. Nice craftsmanship with a nice satin finish. Nice fretwork as well. Comes with a two-way adjustable truss rod, which makes it easier to adjust the guitar to a low action for ease of playability, which is important for young kids starting to play. Dots inlays are on the side of the neck for ease of reference. Great intonation and sound.

Unlike other 1/4 size classical guitars (such as the Yamaha GL1 Guitalele or the Cordoba Protege C1 which both have a 1 7/8" nut width) this guitar comes with a narrow 1 5/8" nut width, which is much easier for kids to play.

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Good for ages 3-7 and travel.

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Size: 0.24 Avg. Weight: 1.875 lbs Quality: Very good
Neck: Nato   Top: Spruce   Back & sides: Nato   Fretboard: Indian Rosewood   Nut: Bone   Finish: satin   Trussrod: yes! (two way adjustable)   Inlay: side of neck   Strap button: no  
Overall length: 29 5/8"  Scale length: 18 1/2"  Nut width: 1 10/16"  Body length: 13 3/4"  Max body width: 10 1/4"  Min body width: 6 1/2"  Upper bout: 7 11/16  Body thickness: 3 1/8"  Width at 12th fret: 2 1/16""  strings spacing at the bridge: 2 1/8" 

Customer reviews of: QC 1/4 size nylon string guitar

I’ve been playing guitar for over 35 years now. I was really amazed. It is even better than what I expected and I am extremely happy with it. I found myself playing it for a couple of hours the first day we received it. My Granddaughter wants to learn how to play, she’s only 4, but she has such an interest and takes it very seriously. A guitar has to stay in tune and has to be relatively easy to play, or a beginner will never learn to play it. This guitar gives them every opportunity to learn and the sound is very, very nice for the size it is. It is very easy to play, stays in tune very well, and has very good intonation. It is an excellent beginning instrument and is not so expensive that you are making a huge investment. I own 9 guitars, including some high end Taylor guitars, and I am extremely satisfied that my Granddaughter now has an excellent beginning instrument. I wish my first guitar had been this nice! Thanks so much!

My child's guitar teacher recommended this site to purchase a new guitar. I ordered a 1/4 size guitar and a gig bag (soft case) for it. Because of the price I really expected something lower quality but I'm on a budget so I decided to give it a try hoping it would be decent quality. When the guitar arrived I was shocked! It is so well made! Excellent quality and sound! It's a beautiful guitar. I took it to my child's teacher and he was equality impressed. It really is beautiful and my child fell in love with it right away. Great costumer service and communication through email! Fast delivery! It was well packaged and protected and delivered through a safe carrier who brought it to my door. I am so pleased! It is so important for a child to start with an instrument of great quality, otherwise they get discouraged and can't learn to play well. This is a great buy for parents on a budget without sacrificing quality.

OH, MY! Thank you! The sustain is wonderful! The intonation pleasing. the size is perfect. The frets are a bit sharp but I, thankfully, I can adjust that myself. Your shipping quick and happily surprising. Thank You. Thank you so much for the quality product and the quick ship. An adult noodling and traveling with a respectable instrument.... Thanx to smallguitars.com

Just got it. As described! Wonderful tone! Beautiful finish! Finally a guitar that my small hands and short fingers can successfully do bar chords on. Chime also. It fits perfectly in a Chromacast baritone uke gig bag. Love it!

We received our string guitar order on time for Christmas and the guitar is beautiful! My 5 year old son has been talking about wanting to learn the guitar for 6 months and his first lesson is today. He is beyond excited. The guitar is a perfect size for him and the soft case makes it easy for him to carry. I would highly recommend this company!

The QC guitar that I got for my son was exactly as described; it tunes and is intonated very well and is a fantastic instrument for the money, bravo! Far better than anything else I've found at it's price. My apprehension of buying something without trying it was gone within 5 minutes of playing. Thanks for a great service!

I love using a 1/4 size guitar for travel but other options always had wide necks (~2"). I was very excited when I found this guitar and was quick to purchase, especially with recommendations that it has good intonation and plays well for a guitar this size (I have another 1/4 size guitar or Guitalele that doesn't intonate well at all). I was not disappointed! It was setup very well upon receiving it, no adjustment required. Additionally, it sounds great and has very good build quality, comfortable neck and great tuners. Sounds great. It's exactly what I had been looking for as someone who plays with a similar sized neck full size guitar and wanted something for travel.  All in all, I'm very satisfied and recommend highly to players who look for travel guitar or guitar for children (short scale and nylon strings are easy to play).The stings that came on the guitar are great. I have used some Labella strings in the past for another Guitalele and it had a wound G string that always unwound and got worn out quickly. These have held up nicely. Thanks for great guitar!

We couldn't be more pleased with the beautiful guitar we purchased from you for our 3-year old son. The guitar is beautifully made - it looks and sounds fantastic. Even more wonderful was the service you provided - our guitar was hand-delivered to us at home (as we live locally) just a day after we ordered;and when the guitar case we ordered was out of stock, you kindly upgraded us to a nicer case at no charge. Thank you so much for ma king our son's birthday so special. Smallguitars.com is the real deal.

Great little guitar - tone is very nice, tuners seem well built, intonation is spot on (rare for this size guitar and price point). Perfect for young children starting to play!

My two-year-old has been strumming every toy he has like an air guitar since starting music class, so my dad bought him this guitar for his birthday. He loves it! And understands how special it is to have a "real" guitar. It's beautifully made and easy for my little guy to maneuver. I love how close the strings are to the fret board because when he is actually coordinated enough use the frets, he will be able to easily hit notes. Customer service is outstanding. One of the pegs broke off (my son ran into a doorway) and I was sent a new one within a matter of days at no charge! Thank you for having the perfect instrument for my blossoming Jimi Hendrix!

The guitar arrived well set up and ready to play. It has a very pleasant tone and good action. A surprisingly high quality instrument for a reasonable price. My 4.5 year old loves it.

This is a beautiful, well-made guitar. It's the perfect size for my 5-year-old, and it sounds great! This is not a toy; it's a real guitar. Great product.

After searching for a small guitar for my 41/2 year old granddaughter we found your site. I ordered the 1/4 size guitar for her and its perfect. Her small hands fit around the neck of the guitar without any difficulty and the overall size is perfect. I can't tell you how pleased we all are. The guitar has been seen by many now and we're all very impressed with the workmanship of the guitar. The small guitar site was a blessing to come across and the service and quick delivery were great. If your little one has an interest in playing the guitar like my granddaughter, who is taking violin, and enjoys the guitar don't hesitate to purchase one of these quality guitars. My only complaint - I did not appreciate the sticker placed on the back of the guitar through the opening in the front. It was a gift from Santa but the sticker is not something I want visible in the back of the guitar. Haven't been able to remove it but wish I could. Your a great service don't ruin it with the sticker.

The guitar is very good and age appropriate for my son. I'm glad we bought it. Only thing that has been an issue is that the knobs at the top of the guitar could stand to be a little tighter/sensitive/higher end. Sometimes they feel a little loose and it can make it hard to tune bc they are not as sensitive as they could be.

We couldn't be happier with this small 1/4 size guitar. It is a beautiful instrument and has a lovely tone. We think there's a meaningful difference in our son being able to learn on a high quality instrument, and smallguitars makes that accessible.

I bought this guitar because I wanted a portable instrument to use in my traveling one-man band act, and needed a fuller sound than my baritone ukulele could deliver. I’m very happy with the purchase. It sounds great for such a small instrument, tunes up easily, and holds its tuning well. I was also pleased with the construction. I needed to install strap buttons, and drilling holes in inexpensive guitars can be like drilling into styrofoam. Not the case this time. The strap buttons mounted firmly into the wood with no chipping or cracking. Any tiny guitar that tunes up this nicely and doesn’t turn to dust when I drill holes in it gets my seal of approval. It’ll make a fine travel guitar for an adult, provided you don’t have huge fingers, and would be a great instrument to get a kid started.