CHJ 1/2 size electric guitar

Nice satin finish, lightweight, great quality

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Very nice quality 1/2 size strat style electric guitar with a very nice satin finish. Lightweight. Nice sound. Overall very nice guitar for kids and travel.

Good for ages 6-9.

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Size: 0.57 Avg. Weight: 5.25 lbs Quality: Very good
Body: Agathis   Neck: Maple   Neck finish: satin   Fretboard: rosewood   Tuners: capped   Bridge: fixed   Pickups: 3 single coil   Controls: 1 volume, 1 tone   Switch: 5 way   Construction: bolt on   Trussrod: yes   Strings: D'Addario  
Overall length: 34 3/16"  Scale length: 22 3/4"  Nut width: 1 10/16"  Body length: 13 1/8"  Max body width: 10 1/2"  Min body width: 7 1/8"  Body thickness: 1 1/2" 

Customer reviews of: CHJ 1/2 size electric guitar

I play guitar professionally and got this for my four year old son because he kept trying to play my guitars. I didn’t want to get a $100 toy guitar but a real guitar that my son could grow into and actually enjoy playing. I searched the internet and I’m glad I found this site. This guitar is fantastic! It’s everything I was looking for and more. - The neck is very comfortable and has my favorite well sanded natural finish on the back (also found on my $2,000 strat). - The tuners hold up. I tuned it up a whole step to get the right string tension, but this is not a fault of the guitar. All 1/2 size guitars need to be tuned up or given .11 strings to make the string tension right. - On the backside it has a pro-level bolt on neck. It looks beautiful. And the body has a sweet curve there so you can easily access the higher frets. Very nice touch. - The matte black finish on the body is well done and looks excellent. - This is a real guitar. To be honest I wasn’t 100% sure what I was getting but this is beyond my expectations.

The first thing I did with this beautiful little guitar was put thicker strings on it, which made all the difference in the world. I now get a nice full tone, and have started using the little guy to lay down some rhythm guitar tracks. It should be a great first electric when my son is ready to start noodling more. I bought it with him in mind, but it looks like I’ll be the one putting it to good use for the time being. Seems to be a good size for a six year old to pick up and play around with though. Nice and light!