RDG 3/4 size electric guitar hard case


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Heavy-duty 3/4 size eletric guitar hard case. Black viny cover, 3 Chrome latches, 1 with a lock. Inside compartment for small accessories. Please note that this case weighs around 11 lbs, which may be too heavy for kids.

Size: 0.8 Avg. Weight: 11 lbs
Inner dimensions:
Overall length: 38"  Body length: 18"  Max body width: 12 3/4"  Body thickness: 3 1/4"  headstock length: 8 1/4 

Customer reviews of: RDG 3/4 size electric guitar hard case

I had purchased a 3/4 size guitar which came with a gig bag. I don't like gig bags as they don't protect my guitars so I set out to find one. After striking out with the usual places I did a DuckDuckGo search and came across SmallGuitars.com. They had a product that looked right so I placed an order. I got my new case promptly and it fit my guitar well. The case is well built with plenty of cushion and plush to keep my "toy" in good condition. Well done Small Guitars! I'll be ordering another case soon.

The 3/4 guitar case I received met all my expectations at this price point. This is not a flight case. It is however, a high quality every day case that would stand up to the abuses of playing out. It was purchased to protect a home built 3/4 electric. I am very pleased and would recommend it to anyone in need of a similar case.

I received the case yesterday, right on schedule. It's nice and seems to be well made. I thought it might be useful for you to know that the case fits my Steinberger ZT3 headless guitar like a glove! The ZT3's upper horn (where the strap button is located) is fairly long and by angling the guitar body very slightly into the case, the horn wedges securely against the case's padded center support. The lower bout of the guitar then wedges securely against the padded back (hinge) side of the case. No extra foam is needed. Thanks again and I'm very pleased....