AH 3/4 size solid Cedar top classical guitar

great value and quality Spanish style classical music guitar 

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A traditional hand made Spanish style classical nylon strings guitar, with solid cedar top, and mahogany back, sides and neck. Nice finish and craftmanship with a warm and clear tone. Has a wide 1 7/8" nutwidth which would be  too wide for most kids. More suitable as classical music and/or finger picking for adults for travel or those with smaller hands. Good value.

Good for ages 10-12 & travel.

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Size: 0.77 Quality: Very good -
Neck: Mahogany   Top: Solid Cedar   Back & sides: Mahogany   Neck finish: gloss   Fretboard: Rosewood   Tuners: gold plated   Bridge: Rosewood   Finish: gloss   Binding: maple   Strings: D'Addario  
Overall length: 36"  Scale length: 22 3/4"  Nut width: 1 7/8"  Body length: 17 3/4"  Max body width: 13 1/8"  Min body width: 9"  Upper bout: 10 1/8  Body thickness: 3 3/8"  Number of frets: 18 

Customer reviews of: AH 3/4 size solid Cedar top classical guitar

Thank you for your prompt service and opinion on the two 3/4 size guitars I had selected to choose from. The AH solid-cedar top classical guitar arrived within three days of my order. Beatiful looking instrument. The only complaint I have is that the strings clearly were very old indicating to me that the instrument was in the warehouse/storage for a very long time. Once I changed the strings the instrument came to life with a clear sustain and timbre. I will suggest that you recommend a new set of strings to future purchasers of this (or any other) guitar since there is a great possibility that the manufacturer installed strings have "aged" quite a bit by the time they are first played.

I purchased this guitar as it was given a rating of “Excellent” on your website and I expected it to sound better than the Yamaha laminate top I already have. On receipt the guitar sounded dead and nothing like what I expected. Strings were changed immediately and it gave some life to the guitar. But still not what I expected. For the price I paid, I would not recommend this guitar.