JMV mini electric guitar

Lightweight, comes with a strap, and instructional DVD

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Nice quality mini flying V shape electric guitar for kids and travel. Very lightweight. Nice midi sound. Comes with a strap, cable and instructional DVD.

Note: due to its very short scale this guitar may need to be tunned up for stable pitch and tuning.

Note: although this guitar also comes with a battery operated mini amp we have not listed it in the product description because we do not think that this mini amp is of sufficient quality and we cannot not guarantee its proper operation or stand behind its quality.

This guitar has a very short scale which means that in order to be able to play it in standard guitar tuning you would need to either fret very gently or use heavier gauge strings (such as 0.11 or heavier). Alternatively you can tune up the guitar a fourth (i.e. A D G B E A instead of the standard E A G D B E). For kids under 3 that would just 'strum' on the guitar an open G Chord tuning (G D G B D G) may be a good idea.

Good for ages 3-5 & travel.

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Size: 0.44 Avg. Weight: 4 lbs Quality: Good +
Fretboard: maple   Tuners: capped   Pickups: 1 humbucker   Controls: 1 volume   Construction: bolt on neck   Trussrod: no  
Overall length: 31 1/2"  Scale length: 19 1/4"  Nut width: 1 11/16"  Body length: 13 1/2"  Max body width: 13 1/4"  Body thickness: 1 1/2"