DSM 1/4 size steel strings acoustic guitar B stock

Zero fret, decent intonation

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It is hard to find a 1/4 size steel string guitar with good intonation. This one is a decent quality cute guitar with decent intonation and playability. Has a zero fret for low action and easy playability. Dot inlays are on the side of the neck. You should consider this guitar for small kids if you are looking for the steel strings sound. Otherwise you may want to consider a 1/4 size nylon string guitar, which may be easier on younger finger tips. (click here to read more about the difference between steel and nylon string guitars).

This guitar has minor cosmetic blemishes.

Good for ages 3-5 & travel.

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Size: 0.23 Quality: Basic +
Guitar kind: steel string   Trussrod: no   Strap button: no  
Overall length: 29 3/4"  Scale length: 19"  Nut width: 1 9/16"  Body length: 13 7/8"  Max body width: 10 3/4"  Min body width: 7 1/8"  Body thickness: 2 7/8"  Number of frets: 18 

Customer reviews of: DSM 1/4 size steel strings acoustic guitar B stock

We bought the DSM 1/4 size guitar for our 3 year old grandson, he loves it. It's a great little guitar just the right size for little hands and it's beautiful. We highly recommend it.

We love this guitar! It is not a toy, but a beautiful little guitar. Our two year old strums it while singing his nursery rhymes. It is the best one we have seen.

I recently purchased the DSM 1/4 size steel strings acoustic guitar from small guitars.com. The transaction was flawless and the guitar arrived very quickly. I was impressed with the variety of guitars offered at the site and was pleased to find a 1/4 sized guitar which was not a toy. I purchased the guitar for my three year old daughter and she could not have been more pleased. The guitar has a great sound for the size. I was amazed by the action and the tone and have found myself playing it from time to time. I would highly reccomend this guitar....the price was great too!

Guitar is real and not just a toy. Sound is not great though a decent child's guitar.

My grandson loves his guitar. I traveled to Boulder this past week and saw it; it's beautiful. Many thanks. I had never seen a tiny guitar before except as a toy.