SHS 1/2 size electric guitar package left handed

SHS 1/2 size electric guitar package left handed -  - left handed child electric guitar package lefty
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A nice half size left handed electric guitar for kids and travel. Has three single coil pickups and a tremolo arm.

Also comes with a battery operated mini pre-amp that plays into headphones (but you can also connect the guitar to a regular guitar amp), a pair of headphones, bag, strap, cable and an instructional DVD. These accessories are of typical packages accessories quality and we do not guaruntee their quality.

Good for ages 6-8 & travel.

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Size: 0.6 Avg. Weight: 5.8 lbs Quality: Good
Body: solid basswood   Neck: Maple   Fretboard: Rosewood   Tuners: diecast   Bridge: tremolo   Pickups: 3 single coil   Controls: 1 volume, 2 tone   Switch: 5 way   Trussrod: yes   Frets: Jambo   Bag: non padded  
Overall length: 34 1/2"  Scale length: 23"  Nut width: 1 1/2"  Max body width: 10 1/2"  Min body width: 7 5/8"  Number of frets: 21 

Customer reviews of: SHS 1/2 size electric guitar package left handed

We were thrilled when we unwrapped the guitar we ordered. It was packed perfectly and with Mike’s help we certainly made the right choice for our 8 year son. The guitar itself is absolutely gorgeous and great quality. With the mini pr-amp and headphones our son was able to start practicing right away. My original order was for a ¾ size, Mike from Small Guitar’s actually reached out to me and helped me determine that ½ size was a much better choice. His expertise and advice was invaluable and much appreciated. Even though I was ordering from Canada I didn’t have any concerns, I felt that this company was all about customer satisfaction. I would definitely recommend others to check out this site. MC from Windsor, Ontario-Canada

My 5 year old needed a left handed guitar to start learning on and this was perfect! The guitar came very well packaged to protect it during shipping. I was pleasantly surprised to see a strap, a DVD, headphones and a pocket amp also came in the box. My son loves his guitar and is excited to learn!

Nice little guitar. Recently purchased a lefty model for my 7 year old daughter. Decided I needed one too! was a HUGE discovery. My son has been "playing" a toy acoustic for two years and is showing a real interest in music. We decided to surprise him with an electric guitar and lessons for the holidays. Two problems - he's only 4 1/2 and he's a lefty. Our local Guitar Center only carries 3/4-size right handed guitars. So I took to the net. Luckily, came up right away on a Google search and had exactly what he needed. I ordered a 1/2-size, left-handed electric guitar kit. Ordering was easy and it arrived in just a few days. In addition, SmallGuitars followed up with timely order and shipping confirmations. Best of all is the look on my son's face when he rocks out. I just wish SmallGuitars offered big earplugs! Thanks I'm sure we'll be back for more...he has a little brother.

This guitar was suggested as the best option available for my left-handed 4 year old son. We knew it would be a bit big and heavy for him, thanks to the Small Guitars staff helping us. The package itself is fantastic value - you get a solid guitar, soft carry case, good length lead, strap, surprisingly good headphone amp and headphones, alun key and DVD. The guitar feels solid, weighty and well-made for the price. It seems to stay in tune, but at regular tunings you do get the expected fret buzz and tuning difficulties, as with all small guitars. However, tuned up a fifth, the guitar sounds much better. My son was able to fret a few notes easily, which is a really good sign that this is a decent guitar. His fingers are tiny! Summing up, it is a good guitar and an excellent package. Finally, if you are buying from abroad, like us, beware of any import taxes that may be imposed by your greedy government!

My No. 2 granddaughter, a six year old southpaw, is obsessively interested in learning to play guitar. We tried to get her to learn to play right handed but the attempt was futile. She insisted on turning it upside down and backwards until she would no longer maintain her interest. I searched for a left handed model strat style for months. None were to be found, not in a mini size (3/4). Then, with the help of google, I chanced upon "" where I not only found a left handed guitar but a 1/2 size, even smaller than her strat. It is just what the doctor ordered. She's back in business, her enthusiasm is, once again waxing and with the help of the included accessories (strap, cable, pics, tremolo bar, pre amp and head phones) she can play any time she has time and in silence if she wants (sometimes, that's good) as well as through her amplifier when she wants to show what's she's learned. The small size fits her small hands and doesn't weigh her down and hurt her back. Thank you, small guitars for making this possible.