DVB flame maple viola bass

'Beatles' style bass, lightweight and resonant

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Nice quality thin neck flamed maple top 'Beatles' style semi hollow bass. Lightweight and resonant this bass has enough acoustic sound to be able to be heard without amplification when you play for yourself. Amplified it has the 'thudy' Paul McCartney bass sound. Good choice for young or petite players due to its size and weight.

Good for ages 12+ & small hands.

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Size: 0.92 Avg. Weight: 6.5 lbs Quality: Good +
Neck: maple   Top: tiger flamed maple top and back   Fretboard: rosewood   Tuners: diecast   Hardware: chrome   Controls: 2 volume, 1 tone   Trussrod: yes  
Overall length: 43 1/4"  Scale length: 30 1/2"  Nut width: 1 10/16"  Body length: 17 3/4"  Max body width: 12 1/2"  Upper bout: 9 3/4  Body thickness: 2"  strings spacing at the bridge: 1 3/4" 

Customer reviews of: DVB flame maple viola bass

I am so very compelled to write a review of this bass, as it is really kick ars!!!! :) Just gave it another heavy tune and play session and it is AWESOME! I also discovered that it plays like spades though my little Pignose amp, which I also very much adore. With the proper tweaking of the volume and tone, the sound is very much like an upright bass, with the clarity of an electric! Great instrument and great value as well! Thanks so much!

I am a 4"10 adult female with small hands, and the guitar fits perfectly with regard to length. It is definitely a nice looking guitar, and sounds great!