LCM 1/4 size nylon strings acoustic guitar

Zero fret, Durable and playable, narrow neck, steel reinforced neck

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This is a decent quality guitar for a small child. Has a narrow neck (nut width 1 1/2'') which makes it easier for small hands and fingers, and a zero fret. Also has a steel reinforced neck which makes it stronger and more capable of withstanding guitar falls (not unheard of with little kids). A good choice of small guitar for a beginner small child.

Good for ages 3-5 & travel.

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Size: 0.27 Quality: Basic
Strap button: no  
Overall length: 30 3/4"  Scale length: 19 1/4"  Nut width: 1 1/2"  Body length: 13 7/8"  Max body width: 10 1/8"  Min body width: 6 1/2"  Body thickness: 3" 

Customer reviews of: LCM 1/4 size nylon strings acoustic guitar

I ordered the LCM 1/4 size nylon string acoustic guitar and case for my 2 year old grandson, who was insisting on playing my full-sized guitar. It's still a bit big for him, but it's a great guitar which he will easily grow into. It looks like a real guitar, not like a toy, it has a lovely sound, and he is thrilled with it. The service could not have been more helpful, and the guitar arrived quickly. Thank you! I will certainly spread the word....

This guitar is perfect for a 3 year old! It is sturdy, holds the tune and is easy to play. The nylon strings are gentle on little fingers. An excellent first guitar.

The guitar has been great - it seems sturdy and the sound is nice.  It looks more special than a toy guitar. My three year old loves it.