IMP 1/2 size elecric guitar

24 frets, string through body, maple fretboard

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Nice quality 1/2 size electric guitar 2 humbucker pickups, 24 frets and strings through body fixed bridge. Nice sound and finish. Features mapl;e fretboard. No gig bag included.

Good for ages 6-9 & travel.

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Size: 0.62 Avg. Weight: 5.9 lbs Quality: Good +
Body: Basswood   Neck: maple   Fretboard: maple   Tuners: capped   Pickups: 2 humbukcers   Controls: 1 tone, 1 volume   Switch: 3 way   Frets: medium   Bag: not inclued  
Overall length: 34 7/8"  Scale length: 22"  Nut width: 1 10/16"  Body length: 13 3/8"  Max body width: 11"  Min body width: 7 7/8"  Body thickness: 1 3/4" 

Customer reviews of: IMP 1/2 size elecric guitar

“What can I say; Over the last odd 40 years or so I have played countless guitars, some I have owned and some I have just tried out, and this little guitar is a Monster. Albeit smaller than any of my other guitars this is a REAL guitar, and the sound is astounding. The neck is a pleasure to play on and while the scale is slightly smaller, my 10 inch hand span has no problems with the smaller scale neck, whatsoever. The action is perfect, the frets are lovely, the finish is spot on and the pickups have heaps of grunt. I intend to use this guitar as my travel guitar. I believe you could use this guitar on any stage with no problems at all.“

I purchased this 1/2 size electric for travel. I bought it just for the size and didn't expect much out of it. As far as performance, it is a real guitar, just scaled down, without any cheap imitation/walmart type feel to it. Quality is still there and the playability is excellent, even out of the box. And although I bought this guitar for travel purposes I find myself taking it out at home to plug into my oversized Marshall Mode 4. Before this review, and only out of habit, I replaced strings, electronics, oiled the kneck, and installed shielding around the new pickups, but before this it played wonderfully. If the guitar was not worth it I would not have taken the time to put in the electronics I prefer in my guitars. The stock strings will suffice for a bit but they are the only thing that really could use replacement. I will one day be teaching my children's small hands how to play on this or another guitar purchased from I'd even use it onstage and highly recommend purchasing one if you do perform for people just to make them take a second look trying to figure out why it looks odd. Those who snub smaller guitars or anything that is not the norm forget the very important fact that it's not in the gear, it's in the hands. And this guitar fits comfortably into able hands. Thank you for a quality product!