JH small 3/8 electric guitar USED

Narrow 1 7/16" neck

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A very nice quality 3/8 size guitar with a fixed bridgea and a particularly narrow 1 7/16" nutwidth which is great for small hands. Good sound and easy playability, nice look and finish. Although it is possible to play this guitar in standard tuning (if fretted gently)  it is recommended due to the short scale of this guitar to tune this guitar up (e.g. A on the low string) for stable pitch and tuning. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Has normal dents and scratches from use. New strings installed.

Good for ages 5-6 & travel.

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Size: 0.42 Avg. Weight: 4.9 lbs Quality: Good
Body: solid alder   Neck: one piece maple   Fretboard: rosewood   Tuners: diecast   Pickups: 3 single coil   Controls: 1 tone, 1 volume   Switch: 3 way   Warranty: limited lifetime  
Overall length: 31 3/4"  Scale length: 20 3/4"  Nut width: 1 7/16"  Body length: 12 3/8"  Max body width: 10"  Min body width: 7 1/8"  Body thickness: 1 3/8" 

Customer reviews of: JH small 3/8 electric guitar USED

I received excellent help on the phone in deciding what instrument to purchase, and the JH 3/8-size guitar I ordered arrived on schedule and adequately packed for shipment. I liked it immediately: In addition to being VERY cute, it showed good workmanship for a small instrument and was quite playable, even for my adult and large hands. The appropriately narrow neck is really a plus for child-sized hands. The fingerboard is fretted accurately and the neck is nicely radiused for playability. I did note that the instrument had not been set up before shipment, which might be an issue for some inexperienced purchasers. Two setup items: the truss rod was completely loose as received, and needed tightening to straighten the neck, which was not perfectly straightenable, but acceptable -- not unexpected on an inexpensive instrument. My only significant issue is that I ended up bottoming out the bridge adjustors on the low strings while adjusting the intonation: I couldn't quite get far enough from the nut on the low E or the A string. On the other hand, I am very demanding with regard to intonation, and it may be that most purchasers would not notice this issue. To make it a really delightful guitar, I would have moved the bridge assembly about a quarter inch further from the nut. However nice a guitar the JH 3/8-size is, I confess to having already removed the neck and reworked it to serve as the neck for a short-scale, custom 5-string tenor banjo (the 20 3/4 inch scale length is just right for a short-scale tenor banjo). Works well there too. It would have cost me a lot more money and / or time to make a neck from scratch or to buy a custom neck, so thanks!!