AMS 3/8 electric guitar

shorter scale narrow neck, good for ages 5-6

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Small size electric guitar with nice finish and look. Neck is particularly narrow and scale is probably the shortest scale that could be still played in standard tuning (this will work as long as you fret gently, - if you fret hard it is recommended to tune the guitar up or use thicker strings). This guitar is good for ages 5-6. Nice sound and electronics.

Good for ages 5-6 & travel.

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Size: 0.43 Avg. Weight: 5.75 lbs Quality: Good
Body style: double cutaway   Body: Basswood   Neck: maple   Fretboard: rosewood   Tuners: sealed   Bridge: fixed   Pickups: 3 single coil   Controls: 1 volume, 1 tone   Switch: 5 way   Finish: mettalic gloss   Trussrod: yes  
Overall length: 32"  Scale length: 20 3/4"  Nut width: 1 7/16"  Body length: 12 5/8"  Max body width: 10 1/8"  Min body width: 7 1/8"  Body thickness: 1 10/16" 

Customer reviews of: AMS 3/8 electric guitar

Awesome guitar, but weighs a lot for a six-year-old. This was a 6th birthday gift for my daughter and it's the perfect size and very easy to play. It should last her a long time until she needs to upgrade to a full-size, and it sounds terrific as well. She loves it, and I really like playing it, too. The one (short-term) problem is that it is fairly heavy, too heavy for her at six to really play standing up. She's happy playing sitting down, so the guitar is a huge success, but I wasn't expecting it to be uncomfortably heavy for her. As she grows, though, this problem will hopefully go away.

I love the guitar. We purchased the the AMS 3/8 electric guitar for our son. I am a guitar player and own many guitars. This guitar plays well and has stayed in tune. I very happy with this purchase and would definitely order from again.

Great guitar. Well made, and perfect for my 4 year old daughter. She now believes she is a Rock star!!

Our family dropped the guitar off to us today and I have to say... This guitar was absolutly amazing, the intonation was perfect and the quality was outstanding. I will buy all my kids guitars from you in the future!

Thank you for my speedy and efficient order of my small guitar. It was very nice looking, shiny blue and great sounding. Perfect size and feel for my 4 year old, who was so excited to wake up to it Christmas morning. Plays it multiple times every day since getting it. Would definitely order again from you in the future!

Purchased 3/8 size guitar for 5 year old on 11/16/2009, looks and feels beautiful. Having no guitar experience I had two musicans check it out, everyone is in aggreement, looks, feels , plays and sounds GREAT! (even better than "bigger brand" full size guitar bought for older son. Too bad we didn't know about "Small Guitars" sooner, we would have purchased two.) Bag and strap are perfect as well! We will forever tell everyone we know about "Small Guitars"

I purchased this for my three year old grandson and it is the perfect size and weight for him he loves it.

I purchased two guitars for my grand children, a WX in metallic Purple and an AMS 3/8 in Blue. The price was reasonable and they arrived quickly. The AMS 3/8 guitar is a good guitar for young beginner.