SEA half size acoustic guitar w/ passive electronics

very nice guitar with passive electronics, great value

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A nice looking half size acoustic guitar with passive electronics. Playable, with a nice bright sound. The flower and leafs design is made with a glued on layer of wood for a nice visual feel. Overall very nice finish and sound - a great choice for girls, kids, travel and small hands. Excellent guitar.

Good for ages 6-9 & travel.

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Size: 0.51 Quality: Very good +
Top: Spruce   Back & sides: Nato   Fretboard: rosewood   Tuners: capped   Bridge: Rosewood   Finish: satin   Trussrod: yes   Electronics: passive   Strap button: metal, body side  
Overall length: 33 1/8"  Scale length: 22 1/8"  Nut width: 1 11/16"  Body length: 14 3/16"  Max body width: 11 1/4"  Min body width: 7 1/4"  Body thickness: 3 1/2" 

Customer reviews of: SEA half size acoustic guitar w/ passive electronics

I purchased the SEA half-sized acoustic from Small Guitars awhile back when I was look for a decent travel guitar to leave at work and drag around with me.  I was looking for something no-frills and easy to play - I have a number of friends and workmates who have purchased Martin Backpackers and a friend who has a little Washburn, so I had played a few travel-sized guitars before. I've noticed a love/hate relationship with the Martins.  Many people love the almost banjo-like sound and many don't.  I almost went with the Backpacker but ultimately decided against it because of the cost.  Unable to decide whether I could put up with the tinniness of the Backpacker, I ultimately couldn't justify dropping a lot of money on it.  The Washburns are nice, but a bit pricey for me as well.  I fell in love with one of the small Taylors at a music store, but balked at the price. Instead of getting something "nice," I took a different approach.  Basically, I would pick two small guitars that were under $150, decide on one kind of "blindly," and then dive in sight unseen.  I picked the Johnson Trailblazer early on but couldn't find one anywhere.  The SEA popped up on eBay randomly, and I loved the look of it and the price. After a little internal debate, I decided on the SEA.  The Trailblazer was the same price, and was full scale, but I couldn't find one anywhere at the time.  The SEA looked beautiful in the photos and was acoustic/electric to boot, but was a shorter scale.  I ordered the SEA... and waited for a couple of days, hoping I hadn't made a mistake. It just so happened that while I was waiting, a newish Trailblazer had also popped up on eBay for a song, so I bought it as well.  Both guitars (including shipping) came in under the retail price of the Martin. The SEA arrived and I was more than pleasantly surprised.  It's a beautiful little guitar - and it sounds just like a larger guitar.  After getting accustomed to playing on the short scale neck, it's nearly perfect for a travel/sit-around.  It's definitely a little high-pitched and bright, but it doesn't have that tinny twang like the Backpacker.  Good, bright sound and decent sustain make it a keeper.  You can finger pick with it, too, which is a plus in my book; some short-scale travelers are a spaced a bit close.  It even sounds pretty decent when plugged into an amp!  Note that there will probably be some adjustment if you're coming from a larger guitar, but it's not too tough.The build quality on my SEA is superb!  The flower pattern on the front of the guitar is beautiful, and it's built like a tank.  It looks like it cost about twice as much as it actually did!  The finish is perfect, and I can't think of a single flaw that inhibits playability.  Being clumsy, I've let the little thing fall on its side a time or two, and there is nary a dent. This is a solid little guitar! The Trailblazer showed up in the mail after the SEA.  From the get-go, there were problems.  It's just really poorly made.  To sum the Johnson up in a word: junk.  The SEA is now my go-to-quick acoustic guitar and I wouldn't think twice about recommending it to someone looking for a nice little piece to travel with or to give to their kids.  As long as the kids are responsible, anyway - this is too nice to tear up! Thanks for the great guitar and keep up the good work!

Great little guitar! Thanks so much!