LV small size kids colored guitar strap

good for kids ages 3-6, guitar sizes 1/4 and 3/8


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Kids small size polypropylene guitar strap with leather shoulder support and edges. Length is adjustable from 23" to 37.5" and width is 1.5". Could be used for both electric and acoustic guitars. These straps would work well for younger kids - up to 6 years old - and with guitars that are not too heavy.

Size: ages 3-6
Length: 23" - 37.5"  Width: 1.5" 

Customer reviews of: LV small size kids colored guitar strap

I purchased the guitar strap and it is the perfect size. It also has the no slip shoulder pad for comfort and to help the guitar stay in place. I was referred to small guitars by my son's guitar teacher. He was impressed with the quality of the strap. I never purchased a strap before but I do like it and will return if my son has any other items he needs.